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Thank you for joining the Insert ____ Here project! We hope this yellow arrow helps point out the climate change solution you want to see happen in your neighborhood.

How to get started

  1. Print and cut out, print and laminate or make a stencil so that you can make signs on cardboard, wood, metal or another durable material. We welcome creative variations of the Insert_Here arrow so please feel free to make your own using other materials! Download an arrow below:

    Printable Arrows

    Stencil Arrows

  2. Fill in the blank.
  3. Post your arrow.
  4. Photograph your arrow
  5. Upload the photo of your arrow plus a description, location and means by which people can contact you to join your cause.
  6. Updates! Be sure to keep us updated—send us photos of the project being realized over time so that we can include those on the site as well. You can also share your story, strategy and tactics on the Insert_Here Facebook page.

Please place "Insert ____ Here" arrows only where you have permission to do so.

Submit Your Arrow

Click here to submit your arrow

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